Hello world!

October 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

Well today is day 1.

Day 1 of many things actually.

Today, October 1st 2010 is:

  • the first day of my new blog
  • the first day of October (which means I’m 6 days away from being 26)
  • the first day of my commitment to clean eating
  • and well it’s the 3rd day of Marathon training

As you can garner from my reading material I am planning on running a marathon in May of 2011.  The Hawaii North Shore Marathon to be exact!

So I think my explaining why I am training to run the North Shore Marathon is a good starting point for why I am starting this blog. My husband and I are moving to Honolulu HI in December. He is in the Air Force and we somehow got stationed to live in what some would say is the most beautiful place in the world. That explains the location. The rest, well the rest is a long story.

In December 0f 2009 I married the love of my life, my college sweetheart. The day after the wedding, the two of us packed up our tiny studio apartment in Winter Park, FL and moved to the desert. San Angelo, TX. It was a shock for me to say the least. I was working on my Masters thesis, so the idea of spending our year in San Angelo unemployed didn’t seem like a big deal. San Angelo is a really small town, and the nearest big city (Austin) is 4 hours away! So I figured I’d be distraction free and I’d bust out my thesis in no time. Not so much. With so much free time I managed to somehow bury my head in the sand dunes and procrastinate and complain – for the better part of a year. I found myself depressed and unmotivated.

Although, there was one thing that always lifted my spirits and encouraged me to get up and make the best of my day. Running. I started out with early morning 2 mile runs on a little river trail. Nothing too demanding. Soon I started to realize the significance these runs had on my overall attitude and eventually I began to push myself to run longer and more diverse routes. Before I knew it I was identifying myself as a ‘runner’.

So upon finding out that I’d be moving to Hawaii the next challenge, naturally seemed to be to train to run a marathon there. And the best part is I’ve talked my Mom into running it with me!

So that’s the long and short of it.

For future posts I’d like to really develop my photography so look forward to some beautiful pics of Hawaii and all its wonders. I’d like to chronicle some of my recipes and healthy eating for marathon training, and overall just share my passion for living healthy!


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