Spring – Into Creativity

October 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Spring – Inspiration in Bloom ‘What is Creativity?’ Challenge

I have always identified myself as a creative person. I started drawing at a young age, was voted ‘Most Artistic’ as my senior superlative in high school, and attempted to major in Fine Arts in college. So for me, my creativity usually comes across through drawing or painting.  Yet, over the years I have come to realize that creativity comes in many different forms.

Therapeutic Creativity – This is the kind of creativity that serves as a form of therapy/escape. I think most of my best drawings or paintings have been an emotional response to something gnawing at me or inspiring me in my life. I think this is true for most inspired artists. Using your talents to illustrate a human experience takes creativity and it also helps to relieve or accentuate your emotions.

Constructive Creativity – I think of this as tasked creativity. When I was planning my wedding I knew I wanted to include some DIY projects that would take some thinking outside the box. For example, my sister in law created all of our wedding favors by hand.

They were filled with Baklava and were a big hit!

Intentional Creativity– This is the broadest type of creativity, and it applies to larger life decisions. I recently read The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer. The book talks about finding your true passion in life,  getting inspired and getting motivated to pursue things that bring you true happiness and fulfillment. After reading this book I started brainstorming, making lists upon lists of things that I truly love to do, and would love to do as my life’s work. This exercise required a lot of creativity for various reasons. At first I was limiting myself by blocking out things/careers that I didn’t think I could accomplish because of my present situation. But once I let go of those boundaries, I came up with a very inspiring list of personal goals. This kind of creativity is kind of a combination of both of the previous listed. It involves a level of emotion like Therapeutic Creativity and it has an expected outcome like Constructive Creativity.

But most of all I think that to defining creativity is limiting. Mirriam-Webster defines Creativity as; the ability to create. Such a simple definition, but we all have the ability to create. So really creativity is simply put – the beauty we create in the world around us.


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