Finding the Beauty

October 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

Continuously contemplate yourself as being surrounded by the conditions you wish to produce.

I’ll be the first one to admit that I haven’t had the best attitude over the past year. Instead of looking for opportunities I focused on how limiting my surroundings seemed in comparison to living in Florida. I felt discontented with the process of finishing my thesis with little to no support from my professors, and I let those negative circumstances manifest into my every day attitude.

It would figure that a mere week before I’m departing San Angelo I’d decide to share some of it’s beauty. I’d like to think that I’ve given myself a bit of a personal overhaul over the past few months, and am beginning to look for the beauty in situations that can seem unpleasant. This quote sums up how I feel now pretty accurately:

Out of the mud the lovely lotus blossoms,

Out of trials something higher vies.

– raymond ng

I’ve been so resistant to appreciating Texas, and I wanted to change that before I leave. So today I loaded up the camera and sought to document some of the beautiful & interesting parts of San Angelo.

This morning I took a break from running & did Jillian Michaels’ ‘Yoga Body Burn’, which is anything but a zen yoga experience. If you are familiar with Jillian Michaels you’ll know she’s famous for her tough trainer style & does a lot of yelling. Well, yoga is not excluded from that. There’s a specific point in the DVD where you’re instructed to hold a moderately difficult balance pose & instead of the normal yoga video soothing background music – you get Jillian Michaels yelling “DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!”. And that’s when I fall flat on my face. She needs to stick to circuit training. Anyhow it was a pretty good workout & it feels good to take a break from the running.


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