1, 2, 3…8-minute miles!

October 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

I was cooped up in the house from 7am-3pm today while the movers were wrapping every single thing in our house in brown paper.

I'm not kidding - even the bicycles are wrapped in paper!

I promise this is the last of the moving pictures.

This is definitely a departure from our past moves where we enlisted all our friends & family to help us transport numerous car loads full of stuff from apartment to apartment. This is the most organized move, & it’s so strange to have movers come & pack all your things for you!

So – back to the 3 miles. I was getting a little stir crazy so the minute the movers left I slapped my ipod on & literally bolted out the door for a run. It was the hottest part of the day, yet I ran my fastest 5k yet!

3 miles in 24min. 16sec. which averages out to a solid 8 min mile for all 3 miles! I think I actually ran the first one in 7 something & slowed down for the last mile quite a bit, but I’m pretty darn proud of that speed! Now if I could just keep that pace on a distance run…


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