Maintaining Fitness While Traveling

November 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

As of October 23rd I’ve been a bit of a drifter. The first few weeks in Florida I stayed at my parents house in Sarasota, and now that Don is here we are staying at a condo that my Grandparents own in Bradenton. We’ve also spent a night at a hotel in Cocoa Beach while visiting Don’s brother and sister in law. Needless to say, it is quite difficult to maintain a consistent workout schedule while traveling. I find that I run my best pace when I am on a track or trail that I’ve run before, and a clear head helps too.

Despite the challenges of unfamilar territory and lack of a day to day routine, I’ve managed to stay pretty consistent with my training by maintaining 30-40 miles per week. Here’s a breakdown:

10-23 Travel day 3 miles

10-24 Rest day

10-25 8 miles

10-26 2 miles

10-27 4 miles

10-28 5 miles

10-29 6 miles

10-30 6 miles

10-31 10 miles

End of week total – 41 miles

11-1 Rest day

11-2 3 miles

11-3 Rest day

11-4 9 miles

11-5 6 miles

11-6 3 miles

11-7 12 miles

End of week total – 33 miles

11-8 Rest day

11-9 9 miles

11-10 6 miles

11-11 6 miles

11-12 3 miles

11-13 3 miles

11-14 6 miles

End of week total – 33 miles

11-15 Rest day

11-16 7 miles

… to be continued

The key is to make training/exercise a part of your life that is as consistent as brushing your teeth! Hopefully the hardwork will pay off on Race day…4 more days!



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