This One’s for the Mama

January 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

Ok Mom, I’m finally posting some pictures of the apartment & I need yours (& Mimi’s) decorating help 😉

I have to stress it’s still a work in progress, but I thought it’d be cool to get some feedback or pointers from some of you who have the talent and skill of fantastic decorating (ahem, La Vie Toni who’s home decor skills are to die for).

I’ve got some framed things that still need a home.

But here’s what I’ve got going so far for the living area.

I feel like in such a small space the furniture is really matchy matchy, so it needs to be broken up a bit.

The above framed picture is from local Hawaii artist Heather Brown. I love her style & plan on buying more of her prints in the future.

The kitchen is pretty standard & I don’t think there’s much of an opportunity for decorating such a small space, but check out the stack-able washer & dryer. I hate to admit my love for an appliance – but these babies are setting the bar pretty high – and since we are renters, if our next place doesn’t have a W&D I’m putting these on my wish list. * Side note: You can wash & dry 20 pairs of jeans at a time in these things. Not that I’d really ever need to do that – but still…

The bedroom has been a little more difficult to coordinate because as you can see, there’s an accent wall. I actually like the color of the wall, but I haven’t been to sure of how to make it work with our furniture & decor. There were already 2 screws in the wall above the bed, & they were big ones, plus we didn’t have matching paint to patch the holes so I either had to paint the wall, or make them work. I chose the latter. I’d admired this DIY project seen on Makeunder My Life, so I attempted to make a smaller version for above the bed. I like it, but I’m not so sure it goes with the room. What do you think? And I’m hunting for new pillows, just haven’t found any I love yet.

On the other hand I am in looove with this print I bought off Etsy from ArtistAndrea.

and I’m now noticing my lampshade is tilted (I’m not a perfectionist or anything) but anyhow this picture is my favorite piece of art I’ve ever bought & it has inspired me to tune back into to my arty side!

That’s all I’m sharing for now though. We’ve got an office, a dining room 2 bathrooms & a balcony but they aren’t really picture worthy yet. One step at a time.

In other news I had a really nice run this a.m. To be honest, I haven’t had much running motivation since we’ve gotten to Hawaii – I think it’s due to all the distractions – but this morning I found a really nice 6 mile route. It passes the Kapiolani Zoo, giraffes and all, and also has a view of the beach for about a mile. I don’t really know what more a girl could ask for on a run!

I’m so excited to get into a routine. The holiday’s + moving waaaay across the country/ocean really did a number me but I’m finally starting to feel at home.

My days are going to be focused on job searching, thesis writing, running & in my spare time beach bumming. I cannot say it enough, I am so thankful for where I am living. Hawaii is beautiful, different, and familiar all at the same time. The only thing that could make it better is if  could magically transport all my family & friends here.

P.S. Open invitation to all the fam & friends, I miss you & you have a place to stay if you want to vacation in Honolulu!


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