Won’t Let em Knock Me Down

January 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

Back in November when my Mom & I attended the Womens Running Magazine Half Marathon Expo, we had the pleasure of meeting a woman who revolutionized the world of women’s running, Kathrine Switzer.

Although she’s contributed such monumental achievements to women’s running such as helping to secure the women’s marathon as an event in the Olympic games, Switzer is most well known for the infamous incident that took place at the 1987 Boston Marathon.

Credit: AP Photo

At the time, women were not allowed to participate in the Boston Marathon as running was considered too dangerous for women to participate in – let alone race in. The much publicized incident involved one of the race’s officiants, Jock Semple, who attempted to physically remove Switzer from the race by tackling her. Luckily there was a photographer nearby to catch the event on film. Not only did Stemple not succeed in preventing Switzer from finishing the Boston Marathon, but he inadvertently publicized the obvious fact that women are completely capable of overcoming and achieving seemingly impossible goals.

I just finished reading my copy of Kathrine Switzer’s Marathon Woman,

and it’s a great read for anyone looking for inspiration – whether it be motivation for athleticism or an inspirational story of an empowered woman. It was an honor to meet Kathrine Switzer, she is a positive role model and an encouraging woman to celebrate! She’s did so much to initiate the acceptance of women’s athletic capabilities and women’s rights and clearly deserves to be recognized.


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