The Jeans Don’t Lie

January 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I had a little reality check yesterday.

Since the holiday’s and the move and all the fantastic new restaurants to try…I’ve noticed a few pair of jeans that aren’t quite fitting super great. I’ve got one pair of no stretch jeans and they are basically what I rely on to keep my weight in check. If they fit, I usually feel pretty good.

It’s a careful dynamic, watching my weight and training for a marathon. I know that I need to maintain a good caloric intake to keep my energy up on days I go for long runs, but as of lately I’ve been using running as a bit of an excuse to overindulge.

I still eat very healthy most of the time, but I think I need to keep the amount of food I’m eating in check along with being more mindful when we go out to eat.

On that note, I’ve also discovered some great new weight/cross training videos on youtube.

I found the JillFit blog yesterday when I was searching for a healthy banana bread recipe, and it turns out she’s got a really cool training plan and some great workout resources on her youtube channel. After my run this morning I did this quick leg circuit. It was just challenging enough, and I love that you can do it anywhere.

I actually worked on my thesis yesterday so I’m going to try and stay on track and set a goal of 10 new pages by Sunday.


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