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January 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I have to start off this post by saying my step-dad should be so proud.

When I was in high school he grew wheat grass, from seeds, then cut the grass and juiced it. He’d try his best to convince my sisters and I that it was waaay better for us than coffee but I admit, we just thought it was weird and smelled like a lawn mower (and we were bitter because he banned soda from the house – another health nugget that I now live by but thought was sheer punishment back then).

Well wouldn’t you have it that years later, wheat grass shots are all the health rage, and if I’d just listened back in the high school days, I could’ve been ahead of the curve & healthier to boot.

So today I finally officially gave in and bought my own personal juicer after hearing all the great benefits of the Green Monster Movement.

All this good stuff…

turned into this

and it was tasty!!!

Can you say bad hair day? It's ok, the juice makes up for it.


Some great books I’ve read that have recipes and outline the detailed benefits of juicing are:

Raw Food Real World by Matthew Kinney and Sarma Melngailis (take one look at her & you’ll want to eat just like her!)

Crazy, Sexy, Diet by Kris Carr (survived cancer through changing her diet – and she’s got a hilarious tone that makes the book so much fun to read)


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