Make you Smile

March 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

If you haven’t seen this viral video yet, here’s a little something to make you smile today.

So happy Don is home, although, the Military throws a few curve balls every now & then, so I won’t really be able to spend any time with him until Sunday night.

He’s scheduled to work 12 hour shifts overnight until Saturday night. Bummer. But honestly I’m just glad he’s here.

Today I’m busy planning out my thesis defense and graduation schedule. I was previously pushing to finish this semester, but since I’m not completely done, and no job opportunities have come up, I am going to push it out until summer so that I can be completely confident with my work.

It at least feels good to have some sort of a plan.

I am a perfectionist to the utmost degree, and that tendency has really gotten in my way during this whole process. I made it through all my graduate classes (on schedule) plus 2 semesters of foreign language with a 4.0. I passed my comprehensive exams and I was feeling on top of the game. But starting my thesis out of state (I started my first thesis semester the month we moved to Texas) put me off on the wrong foot because I didn’t have the academic support system that I was used to. I was so focused on the nit-noid details (one of the burdens of my previously mentioned personality type) that I got completely lost in the details.

At the beginning of this year I was seriously considering quitting.

I kind of made a deal with myself that I’d put all my efforts into finding a job here in Hawaii, and that could serve as my excuse for leaving my hard earned Masters Degree unfinished.

Well, as it be, no job opportunities have caught and I absolutely have to keep busy in order to feel productive, so the thesis wins. I have a feeling it was meant to be this way. I know that even if I’d found a really good job and left my degree unfinished, I’d always regret it and regret is something I just don’t want.

I look forward to that day in the not so distant future when I can say “I’m finished”! But for now I’m pushing forward, thankful that I have the opportunity to choose how I spend my time, and remembering to keep my eye on the prize and stay focused.



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