I Mapped, I Ran, I Conquered

March 10, 2011 § 3 Comments

…16 miles!

This was be before – energized and ready to go.

And this was me after – contemplating if training for a marathon is a form of psychosis.

And my toes. my poor poor toes.

I’ve since painted them dark purple so they all match 😉

The 16 miler was pretty challenging. When I started out the weather forecast was predicting light rain which I thought would make perfect conditions for keeping me cool. No such luck. There was pretty much full on mid-day sunshine the whole time & consequently I now have some interesting tan lines.

I stopped twice. Once to refuel with my Sharkies (my favorite new energy fuel – I can’t stand Gu) and the second time to buy a waterbottle & refill my camelback.

I ran at a pretty slow pace the whole run, an average 10 min mile and I’m not quite sure how I am going to manage tacking 10 more miles onto that on race day but we shall see!

Now I’m off to stuff my face with sushi at my favorite sushi restaurant Doroku 🙂



§ 3 Responses to I Mapped, I Ran, I Conquered

  • Kara says:

    It’s not fun at all (so don’t curse my name too much while you do it), but an ice bath for 15 minutes would do you a world of good after a long run like that. I found that it really helped my recovery.

    Great job on the run, I love your adorable shirt!

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