Physical Therepy – On the Cheap

March 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

After hearing how it benefits sore muscles on multiple fitness blogs, I finally got a foam roller.

Here’s a great little video that shows a few exercises. I was especially excited to find out there’s a back massage exercise!

I also picked up a few new yoga DVD’s that were on sale at Target today.

I’m hoping that working these new exercises into my training will balance me out a bit. I’ve been feeling a pretty burnt out on running – which isn’t great since Marathon Day is only a month away! I’m going to try and dial down the mileage in two weeks in order to taper my miles. I know a lot of marathoners complain about the taper weeks, but I’m anxiously anticipating them! I’m certainly ready to regain a normal appetite. I’ve said it before but marathon training has got me eating like  a 15 year old boy (a 15 year old boy who likes almond butter, french bread, fancy cheese and sushi). I’ve only got to attempt that 20 miler next week and I’ll be ready for the taper!

Speaking of sushi, a few days ago Don & I visited our favorite sushi spot, Doraku.

I love the Bamboo Roll. It’s vegetarian and contains avacado, yamagobo, shiso leaf, kaiware, asparagus and cucumber. It is so tasty.

The sushi at Doraku is awesome. And for all my Florida people, they have a second restaurant in South Beach, so if you find yourself in Miami you should absolutely visit!





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