I Climbed a Mountain

April 4, 2011 § 3 Comments

Does Koko Head Crater count as a mountain?

Well after climbing 1000 + steps a.k.a really old railroad ties I’d have to say that yes, yes it does count as hiking a mountain.

It started off as a moderately difficult. But that was just the beginning my friends. We frequently stopped along the way to catch our breath take photos.

And I was doing ok until I saw this…

Notice anything different about these railroad ties? Oh yeah – there’s nothing underneath them [insert panic attack].

I managed to disguise my fear quite nicely, and get the heck past this part of the trail as fast as I possibly could. It was getting pretty steep – but we were almost there!

And then you realize it was totally worth it when you get a load of this view!

Don looking all hunky (he’s totally got me beat in posing for photos).

And then there’s more of the breathtaking beauty that is Hawaii.

And then there was the trip back down – which of course meant the scary bridge.

We made it back in one piece but my legs were shaking like crazy. I’m certainly going to feel it tomorrow!




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