Emotional Runner

April 6, 2011 § 6 Comments

In search of some much needed running motivation I just watched Spirit of the Marathon on Hulu. And it gave me just the kick in the pants (or running shorts) that I needed. There’s just something about running that makes me emotional. I remember the first time I teared up on the subject of running. I was still living in San Angelo, TX, training for my first half marathon – my first race for that matter, and I was reading Marathoning for Mortals at Starbucks. I don’t remember exactly what part of the book it was that brought on the tears, but I do remember thinking that for me running represented something more than physical ability. This feeling was best articulated in Spirit of the Marathon when one of the interviewees comments on what running means to him, stating:

Its’ fighting through those walls you think you can’t fight through.

I couldn’t say it better myself. And I plan on writing that quote on the back of my shirt on race day.

2010 Women's Running Magazing Half Marathon in St. Pete FL.

Spirit of the Marathon also got me thinking about group running versus solo running. I’ve always been a solo runner myself, but I’ve often wondered if I’d benefit from joining a running group. I think the main reason I haven’t yet is because I’m fearful of being intimidated by faster more conditioned runners. But the running group in Spirit of the Marathon seemed so inclusive and encouraging that I might just try out a running group after I finish the upcoming marathon.

2010 Women's Running Magazing Half Marathon in St. Pete FL

I also spent some time reading the January/February edition of Marathon & Beyond (that my Mom sent to me πŸ™‚ ) which includes a narrative by amputee runner Amy Palmiero-Winters. Throughout this narrative Amy shares her story of running the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run on a prosthetic leg. Despite losing nearly all the skin surrounding her tibia (the area where the prosthetic was attached) she managed to finish in 27 hours and 43 minutes. There have been times while running that my knee will flare up and become irritated, or I’ll start to feel the uncomfortable sting of blisters on my feet but I can never in my wildest dreams imagine running under the conditions she endured. She honestly made the term “Endurance Run” worth its salt.

So if you find yourself in an athletic slump of sorts, I highly recommend watching Spirit of the Marathon. I think most non-runners would find it inspiring too. And no matter what your sport of choice may be, finding a role model is equally important. It just might push you past the point where you don’t think you can go any further, maybe remind you “It’s fighting through those walls you think you can’t fight through”.


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§ 6 Responses to Emotional Runner

  • Kate says:

    I love your training/motivation posts! I am training for my first half marathon. Even though I have a friend to train with, it is incredibly nice to hear about your training experiences. Good luck with your training! Keep up the good work! I LOVE that quote!

  • Angie says:

    Candace, this is so weird! I just, literally 1 minute before you posted this blog, said to my coworkers “I have a bag packed and nothing to do tonight but I do NOT want to go to the gym, I need some motivation!” I’d like to watch this movie, based on your review. In the meantime, I’ll just youtube Kanye’s Work-Out plan and borrow your motivation and go πŸ™‚

  • Kara says:

    I loved the Spirit of the Marathon! Such a good movie!

    My favorite inspiration is this video. It’s a dad who races with his handicapped son. His son asked his dad to run a marathon and once they did that (and qualified for Boston!), his son wanted to try an Ironman. It’s such a great story, just google “Team Hoyt” to see more stuff.

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