Prepping for 20 – The Right Way

April 7, 2011 § 4 Comments

As I am anticipating my last long run before the taper (which also happens to be my second attempt at 20 miles) I’m thinking back on what went wrong 2 weeks ago.

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Two weeks ago when I attempted my first 20 mile run I absolutely failed to plan. Actually, I more or less just woke up on a Friday morning and decided “today’s the day I’m going to do my 20”. Completely disregarding the fact that I’d consumed wine the night before, hadn’t kept track of how much water I’d drank on Thursday etc. It was also extremely windy with tradewinds of up to 20mph! I also stuffed my camelback full of unnecessary junk causing it to be heavy and started chafing my back by the 5th mile. If I recall correctly, I’m pretty sure I had fiber loaded cereal for breakfast and I left leisurely left the house at around 10am leading me to run in the hottest part of the day. All in all – not my best day.

But I have certainly learned from my mistakes and tomorrow will be different!

Here’s a list of the Positive, pro-active things I’ve done/will do today to better prepare for that 20 miler:

  • Staying hydrated! I’ve re-discovered Crystal Light & tasty (electrolyte filled water) is helping encourage me to consume more h20.
  • Instead of running the day before a long run, I did an hour of Rodney Yee Strength Yoga (which included holding my very first shoulder stand for 60 seconds!)
  • Not that the weather is in any of my control, but tomorrow it’s supposed to be rainy (I love running in the rain) which means it will be cooler, and the winds are not an issue.
  • I plan on waking up at 5am, eating a pb & banana bagel, some iced coffee, and then heading out the door at 6am instead of 10am.
  • I’ve got powdered Gatorade to take with me for an extra jolt of glucose.
  • I also bought some of Annies Homegrown Gummies to take with me (since I still can’t stomach Gu). 
  • I didn’t imbibe any vino last night and even though pasta and wine go together like unicorns and glitter I’m going to abstain from my BFF wine tonight too. No worries, if I successfully complete this 20 I’ll be celebrating 😉
  • And last but not least – gotta update that ipod playlist (your suggestions are welcome.)

So that’s what I’ve got. Better preparedness hopefully equals a much better distance run that wont leave me cursing the sport!

What are your distance run or difficult training day preparations?


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§ 4 Responses to Prepping for 20 – The Right Way

  • Angie says:

    Unicorns and glitter, HAHA!

    I was just going to comment on today’s post and tell you to listen to Kanye’s Workout Plan when I remembered to check back in on yesterday’s. What!? You’ve never heard it? Bryce hadn’t either and I sing it to him all the time (eat your salad, no dessert, get that man you deserve)! LOL. Also, Fergalicious is always one that gets me going.

    Side note: I have mass quantities of Crystal Light pure fitness, remind me before our next outing and I’ll bring you lots!

    Good luck on that long, long run!

    • infitation says:

      Oh I’ll be bee boppin to Kanye tomorrow for sure! Flo from the Geiko commercials totally gets credit for unicorns & glitter btw (I only wish I was that witty 😉 )

  • Kara says:

    I make sure to drink a TON of liquid the day before and avoid all fiber (my system requires that). Also, don’t forget to charge your ipod and garmin 🙂

  • Jenna M. says:

    “Fail to plan, plan to fail” has become one of those quotes that I use so much it’s annoying. So true, but too bad I didn’t learn it so well until recently. 🙂

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