If At First You Don’t Succeed…

April 8, 2011 § 6 Comments

Run, Run again.

I did it my friends! I ran 20 miles and made it through the peak of marathon training!

Despite all my preparations though – it did start out a bit wonky.

First off, it was overcast like I expected it to be, but the local weather forecaster was making me believe it was going to monsoon or something.

I waited around until 7am to leave. It was cloudy but certainly looked safe enough to be out in. I then got about a mile into my run, just on the other side of that canal (which you can see in the pic off my balcony) and my spibelt kept riding up on me and my shorts were giving me a ridiculous wedgie. I then decided that if I wanted to do this thing right I needed to be comfortable so I walked back to the apartment, changed, and ditched the spibelt. The only things I brought with me were my waterbottle (which has a little pocket for keys & gummies) and my ipod. I felt way better after getting rid of all the unnecessary gear (and uncomfortable shorts).

I also changed things up by listening to an Audiobook the entire run instead of listening to music. This made a huge difference & I wish I’d thought of taking Audiobooks on long runs before now. It seriously helped the time go by & made it so I wasn’t constantly focused on the miles. I’m sure this tactic won’t work every time – sometimes I’d just rather listen to music – but it was just enough of a change to get me through this run.

I was in a great state of mind after finishing and decided to attempt my first ever ice bath. Yowza! The ice bath was more painful than the stinking run! I sat in that freezing cold water for about 5 minutes and then decided that I’d rather just be sore than endure any more freezing torture. I then proceeded to Sports Authority, bought myself some bright pink KT Tape and taped up my right knee which always feels bruised after running more than 6 miles. This is my first time using KT Tape, and they had a whole slew of instructions for different sports injuries. You can even use it for back pain!

Look at those awesome sock tan lines 😮

I really hope this tape works because I’d rather not be hobbling around all weekend.

Overall I think that accurately preparing really paid off. I even felt better on this run than I did on some of the first longer runs like the 12 mile day. I sure am glad it went well though, because had it not I’m sure I could have easily become discouraged. Now it’s all taper weeks from here on out!

And for now, it’s time for a nap!


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§ 6 Responses to If At First You Don’t Succeed…

  • Lee says:

    Wow! 20 miles. I’m impressed. I’m recovering from a 5 mile run.

    • infitation says:

      It was definitely challenging! I’m sure you’re happy Spring has rolled around so you don’t have to run in that freezing Tennessee cold weather anymore. For me running in the cold would probably be more difficult than a long distance run!

      • Lee says:

        This year I learned to enjoy running in the cold. I’ve found that you just have to have the right clothing. I’m trying not to make any excuses. Gotta’ get out there and get a run in.

      • infitation says:

        Yeah, it definitely makes a big difference to have the right clothing & gear. I’ve gotten SO much use out of the Nathan water bottle you sent me for Christmas. I pretty much use it everyday & I love it because it has a place to put my keys!

  • Kate says:

    Congrats! You must be so proud! I can’t wait to hear about the race!

  • Kara says:

    I’m with you on enjoying running without a spibelt sometimes. I don’t get it, sometimes I don’t even know it’s there and other times it drives me nuts.

    Ice baths do suck, it does help to put a sweatshirt on and drink some tea. I do it because I like the pay off, but I always want out before the 15 minutes is up.

    Great job on that run!

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