Post Marathon Funk.

May 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

Tomorrow will mark one month since I ran the Oahu North Shore Marathon.

In one day this month I ran 26.2 miles…the rest of the month I ran a total of 28.4 miles…bringing May’s total mileage to 54.6 miles.

I wasn’t planning on tallying up my miles for this month but I was in such a funk today that I needed something to feel good about.

I mean, I was in a major “don’t wanna get out of bed, slept for half the day, had an abundance of extremely strange dreams, didn’t really get dressed” kind of day.

Basically I got up at 7am like I usually do, ate breakfast, went back to bed until 9am (because it was raining), surfed blogs for about an hour, watched the Today Show, watched half the Nate Berkus Show, starred at my thesis for about 30 min while simultaneously cutting my split ends, went back to bed until 1:30, got up & did a 30 min workout…and then still just wanted to go back to bed.

And quite frankly that’s just not me. I hate being unproductive and I really hate feeling lazy. But for some reason I just couldn’t brush it off. And let me add, as nice as it is to live in Hawaii with endless free time, that does not change my Type-A “must be productive” personality type, meaning – even in Hawaii being unemployed is troublesome.

So around 3pm I decided to force myself to run some errands. Although I did not change out of my stinky workout clothes, I did manage to go to the post office and the grocery store. While at Safeway I spotted a copy of Women’s Running Magazine and felt a little spark of encouragement. I bought the mag & came home feeling slightly more inspired than I’d felt all day.

While I was putting away the groceries I glanced at my workout calendar that hangs in the kitchen & was encouraged by what was written in the square for May 1st.

Oh yeah, that’s right, I ran a freaking MARATHON this month. For some reason I needed to remind myself of this.  Apparently all of the “rest days” and lack of high mileage runs this month have been toying with my emotions, making me feel lazy. But after adding up the total miles I’ve run this month including the marathon, I realized that I did a heck of a lot this month and I probably just have a serious case of the post marathon blues.

In reality the past 6 months have been filled with nothing but personal athletic milestones. Each week of training was another week of uncharted territory. I suppose the fact that I haven’t really challenged myself for the past 30 days has weighed on my mood more than I expected.

But – at the end of a crappy day I’m acknowledging how important it is for me to feel challenged. Which then leads me to understanding how crucial goal setting is for my ultimate happiness. I’m not saying I’m planning to run another marathon anytime soon, but I am realizing that I need to create a plan for the down time. I know that being idle sends me into a panic, and that’s something I need to work through.

I’m not really sure what that means for my present situation. I do know that I’ll be defending my thesis in June (which actually is something big), and I do know that I want to find a good job more than anything, but I have to trust the timing and be thankful for my accomplishments as they happen.

And as nature would have it, I looked out on my balcony at one point today and on the grayest of days, witnessed this beautiful rainbow. Even though rainbows are a commonality here in Hawaii, I’d like to think that spotting one outside my window could be a sign of good things to come.


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§ 2 Responses to Post Marathon Funk.

  • mom says:

    We are always a work in progress… Thank God! It gives us so much to look forward to tomorrow. I love you!

  • Kyla says:

    I have SO been there! I am completely goal-oriented when it comes to exercise and always have that lack of motivation after accomplishing a big goal. Good for you for recognizing what all you HAVE accomplished in the last month, and I look forward to hearing about your next endeavor!

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